Further come on and there we go por hablar blood guys holy welcome back guys my name is failure we go to play super tanks that are you right now guys so this. Is likes place I yo or paper I oh but then with hex, hex grid it's just like paper iobit then with hexagons guys and I'm really curious. As anyone hit fifty percent plus on this game I don't know guys we got right now just 1% guys so, we're doing a really great job because this guy right here nobody is getting on my turf nobody's getting home if I got a lot of enemies guys so I need to need to watch out with, that but oh no no it's not gonna work this is not gonna work guys that's. What I'm talking about guys yes I don't know if I actually wrote my name in the name, bar but we'll see guys we'll see let's go guys let's go yes guys come on yes all right one-point-two. Percent of the whole map guys I'm aiming for thirty percent guys. I don't know if that's gonna work but we'll try cats will try it's actually super hard oh that guy just died it's actually. Safer to steal occupied terrain than non occupied terrain because in not, occupied terrain there is a chance that somebody's spawning near you and that might be your fatal blow guys so we need to watch out with that we're also not taking two big steps it's. Just doing very easy because I don't want to mess it up guys I do not want to mess it up there, we go guys there we go guys let's do all his turf. There we go now let's go we probably can't kill this guy we cannot guys oh that was very close oh oh.

This guy wants to roll and I'm just taking his turf guys he's taking all his terrain there we go guys I don't know if he's right.

Here and I'm thinking it over I'm thinking oh oh there we go guys, Oh my god oh my god that's dad's what I'm talking, my guys whoo-hoo all right this is 0 or this guy who doesn't want to fight with me then it does matter guys all right guys this is a big chunky ass, guys let's take another big. Chunk yes guys yes guys oh yeah there we go because those people right there is somebody trying to kill me Oh somebody just got killed all right through % guys two percent this takes, a long time it takes. A long time guys what is this guy doing he is crazy he's literally reducing me doing me yes we killed him that's what he gets there we go. Guys ooh ooh and he died let's go yes somebody's literally taking my stuff guys I'm reducing in percentage oh my god, 0.5% has been stolen from me oh this guy is doing it I know that this guy stealing all my stuff with this guy yes. Guys there we go yes let's take it whoa. Holy crap guys what the hell people are crazy oh no oh my god what is this guy doing wow these literally stealing my stuff right there who the Freak, is doing that this guy huh this guy there you go you're dead take it back go, and take a day there we go guys hundred bucks right there this guy's also, stealing from me but he killed himself there we go guys a hundred bucks, right there right there guys yes guys let's go let's go come on key farming guys ski farming there we go guys.

How much blush was that I did son people stealing oh my god somebody's office again stealing from me who is stealing my turf thinks this guy right here no he's told a lot what yes, oh my god he's that there. We go don't steal stealing is bad guys we are actually on the third place guys you're doing not bad we're doing my bed let's go whoo I see this thing, right here let's go let's go Oh what the hell all right guys let's start from scratch gang guys already, oh no oh no oh no oh no oh oh oh oh this guy wants to get it, hey all right you just got killed now let's. Go guys let's go let's go and be disliked dad is that guy going from eating nope all right, I'm going to kill that guy because he tried to claim this all the reasons I need to kill you close very. Close come on he's playing it very good whoo come on come on yeah so we killed him very great now this guy what does this guy want okay he did it he, did it he made me mad he made me mad, oh yes there we go guys holy crap actually should rather kill people then play the game I think that's easier for me oh yeah guys perfect now let's go let's.

Go there we go and he's dead he. Didn't saw that coming this guy coming from me I don't know if this guy's going to come for me and straight back straight back and let's go and, kill this guy let's don't kill this guy let's go. It's gonna take it let's take it he said he is that there we go yes yes guys yes go here and there we. Go let's go we're actually doing a really great job right now but how long will this last there's a real question all right two percent. Is the further we got six kills i'm aiming for oh yes guys yes, let's go is this guy gonna mess with me I think he's. Not all right smart choice I respect his choice I thought we had two percent I guess what makes me sure I got two percent this guy just stole a lot of ground on his dead well that's, what he gets that's what he deserves, Oh No there we go that's what I'm talking about guys come on oh yes yes.

Guys this is what I'm talking about guys let's go and let's go again yes okay this is pretty good we're not earning a lot of points right now but we will earn. A fair amount of points right now guys I know if that's gonna work let's go let's. Go and there we go guys Oh two hundred blocks very great we almost on the first place guys if we go like this. We will be in. The first place in no time okay somebody's stealing bus from me I did I didn't know that this yellow guy, was actually going to do it and he's dead and he's dead guys 6k points guys very great now let's go we got three. Percent of the whole map I was aiming for thirty percent but I think that won't work anymore guys no don't do it don't do it ooh very close he will be dead for. Dead. I will kill him because he tried to kill me right there there we go guys there we go come on oh yes oh we got him, who the one was very good he is good he is good but also stupid, there we go we're doing an amazing job an amazing job right now we almost got 5% somebody stealing blocks from me, I cannot accept something like that whew I saw somebody right there guys I need to watch out who he's right there he is right there guys holy crap and he's not dead he was, almost there guys I'm going to kill him for sure I need to. Focus focus your mind let's go and, he was almost dead right there whoo he is good i guess this might be my best opponent that he said he's. Dead let's go guys perfect guys we're doing an amazing job holy crap holy crap holy crap all he killed himself holy crap now I'm going to get a lot of points. Look at this this is my strategy my, strategy I guess there we go guys nobody's gonna kill us nobody there we go there we go yes guys look at how many points we actually going together look at this all right let's go further. Let's go further come on, and there we go four hundred blocks guys holy let's go let's go and there we go guys we almost have four percent and he's dead let's go to, the next one ooh not good not good.

At all now let's try to do this again guys let's go a little more this way so we can actually get more blocks yes four percent guys amazing I'm actually aiming for five, percent I don't know that is possible, we'll see you guys will see ok this guy wants to do it who wants to do it I know he wants to do it oh no ok he knows how to play. This game guys I'm, actually scared of this guy that I'm going to do what he does expect ooh ooh come on come on boy there we go yes that he is that there we go you need to train, a little bit more yourself, before you fight me and we actually had four percent but it's actually gone now I don't know what just happened right there somebody is doing something. Really bad somebody's trying to claim all my blocks right there all right. This guy I need to kill this guy i don't know if it's gonna work but gone tried that's what i'm talking about. Guys let's go oh my god people are stealing my blogs this is not what I want I think I need to return we're actually.

Came from ooh ooh I need to kill this guy very fast try to mess him up guys let's go let's go let's go. Ok this guy is pretty good I guess yes oh my god no yes and there we go guys perfect holy crap somebody is stealing. A lot of things from me somebody just stole almost one, percent it's a lot guys what is this guy doing you're. Not serious dude you're not serious there we go what was he doing I think he's actually crazy alright guys let's go and take a big chunk holy crap somebody just. Cleared my whole empire what happened right here who did, this I want to know who's responsible for this all right guys you're probably gonna get a lot of blogs how much was it I don't know but we get five point two, percent right now 5.3 5.3 right now I don't know who's stealing somebody has been feeling around here. What the hell it just doesn't stop it's just impossible to get I don't know ten percent because people who steal a lobster from.

You like this guy who is this guy I was the only stuff what did he do literally what is this guy doing. Like where is my where's my thing what the frequency what the frequencies guy thinking this. Guy's just totally insane this guy is insane guys he thinks it's what I got killed okay Wow all, right we had five percent I, think that was actually pretty good for a first time let them to see you're right here it relaxes ready to drop like subscribe share what I friends and i'll see you, in the next video .