What's up in turn off my name is as an end today we are back with super hex or I owe another I are gay by the way did you miss me nope okay let's move on let's click play here. We go let's not die in vain oh oh is attacking us what the hell do you. Think you. Don't know and I'm dead I'm dead seeking he'll come on I need to be on that frickin litter box so yeah.

This game is called super hex because as you can see this multiple hexagons here yes hex means six i believe is 66 edges come on own this cadet. Should give their mother er on the oh no. Oh no he's gonna attack us come on get back get back mission abort you're gonna die bitch you're gonna die here you go here you go you mess with the. Bull you get the horns that's why i'm so horny okay you're gonna die I kill them beautiful i. Have 1200 it's amazing can I be on that leaderboard come on escape evil people you're dead. Yeah I'm MLG motherers come on come on let's get those home and there we go oh I see that there's a, lot of Japanese people here yeah whoa eh I mean that party leader board I'm ninth I'm seventh okay okay. Amazing amazing we're doing great for a second try this is awesome, this game is so addictive come on come on a gimmick yay zeg don't die please we are seventh we want to be first and. We gotta pee first okay let let's go with edge we're gonna do the edge tactics okay watch out. Watch out oh yeah yeah come on and go let's conquer the territory good girl and watch out watch out watch out from that age it seems dangerous oh no. Oh no safe way you need to give me your land I'm gonna take it over come on is that the purple guy, is dead thank you.

Whoever killed him okay okay we are six now come on come on we need to get that we need. To be first I'm first there's go there's take over we got now 1288 blocks and our, score is 2800 we're doing great it's finally I'm good at something in my life which is attacking our territory what you could do when we are dead Oh. hell he killed us just like dead he baited us well it, let's do it again why are you complaining now we are yellow I need to be orange orange is. Michael or come on oh snap out naps you wanted to attack us come on come on.

Get the away come on oh no let's not play with him you asshole why do you do it are, you kidding me you don't even have a name his name is gift stupid-ass Holly why do you do this look at.

That it's a great um pink and blue now I'm I'm pink okay awesome awesome let's do what we gotta do let's give this land the land, of our fathers oh no what's happening to the game one happening to the game, come on let's get back mission abort mission abort come on get to, the base get to the head for bitch don't don't don't kill me please oh no new new new new new new there we go there we go Plus 122 why is this it's tickling come.

On don't do that oh no no come on get back get back get back before ikea yeah yeah 102 hey we're, doing great. This time oh he's attacking us bitch don't do that don't do that don't do that don't do that we're gonna be here. All the time I don't have nothing to do a few moments later come on come on little bit hell is a pro and there we go let's get as much land as, we can this is the Higgs girl bitch are you kidding me oh yeah yeah well are near the. Edge let's do the edge tactic oh and get back get back get back, no no no he's gonna kill us come on get. Back faster faster faster faster no it's a Baldwin tactic yeah yeah we only live once come on come on oh no why did you put, me in the bill what the happened there why there is a hole in my territory oh no we got two, gigantic another day is here they're gonna try to kill us so let's get away I come in, peace and I come to peace ok I get back get back there we go I'm gonna die bye bye yeah yeah. No mercy it's get back so yay the fastest way to get in the leaderboard is to kill me we need to kill come on you. Want to get my territory, bitch oh no oh no oh no there we go don't get back why why design I feel it I can feel it, in my bones I know we're gonna do something great come on this is the last time you're gonna do this cuz it starts to piss me, off and it's so freaking addicting I'm gonna play it. All day and I don't want that come on keep going keep in good win I'm gonna make my name is a freaking loser board just wait.

And think I get it there is something missing in this game I believe it would be much much better if, we had like a mess hey it is a freaking at home trying to take over our land why why do you want to take our land which I'm, gonna take over come on there we go where the wind I came back no no no, no no no no no no no not again I'm dead already and you're dead I killed one person. Baby awesome ok back this is too dangerous I mean a dangerous so. This time I feel like this time I'm gonna do it I'm gonna be in this, freakin meatballs let's do it canon married one there there we go yeah you better get away don't play with me son come. On oh she's come on give it hey what if we cut him off take these and we'll build a bridge all the way we can do it yes come on go we, can cut it off good. Go and he's dead he's already did oh no I wanted to complete my mission why did you do that let's go there we go and connect we need to kill somebody come on nobody's. Here it just made a medallion I need. Company and you did asshole you wanted to take my territory don't do that again what I'm gonna be pissed ok am I in the leader board. Yet why not I want to see my name again, no pain no gain hey we could have killed that son of bitch oh we can kill this one there we go easy yay.

I'm at the leaderboard finally I'm nice pyrmont we need we need like five thousand to be to be in the first three help gonna, take ages go yes go baby girl we can do this, we can do t oye oye bitches I'm second I'm secondly this little bored yay baby I'm doing great I'm doing better than I told this time holy that's right beat. First come on we need just one, more kill and we can become first come on do you want today for Pat presented go get back home get ready if. I can write back mission abort mission abort let's go let's try and kill somebody but we can kill this motherer oh no oh no give it no no no, no no please keep oak inhale hell I just needed, that 500 to be this freaking first well this is this I'm currently believe we did a great job becoming second so thank you for watching hope you like. This video if you did not forget to smash that like, button wanna see more of super hex thought I'll subscriber you already in other ways we see you yes you're. There Oh .