Oh hey guys welcome back to my channel to deal yesterday we're playing an IO game believe it or not and fix ladies and gentlemen might actually be my new favorite io. Game this might actually be the best io game of 2017 in 2016. We have slither which was absolutely amazing we had agario i'm pretty sure i was 2016. That might be 2015 I don't know we had deep sigh Oh some of you guys might remember that one so some of you pronounce it has Dieppe. We have split thought I oh and now this is super hex dial, as you guys can see we are this little dot over here with a string attached to it now the plan is kind of like splits at i/o to get a bigger and bigger platform the only way you. Can kill people is like cutting your strength so ball, okay I'm trying to kill this Betty guy here but listen, to me Betty I'm gonna get you all right mana don't stop plate cuz I'm gonna kill you Betty all right I'm gonna take some of us green cuz he's taking some of my purple I don't, respect that ha, what do you want from me Betty you know what Benny rhymes with it rhymes with uh penny I mean oh look at this guy you John brother ha got him so on the top left, you can actually see my score currently I have 1286. Points I have covered zero-point-three percent of the map and in total have two. Hundred and fifty seven blocks and someone stealing the blocks for me so I'm losing him all right I got two, kills right now and now the really best way in this game to actually grow faster is to kill which is quite hard because you're putting, your life at risk and yet so BEC that Oh God look at this guy your dad's brother ha more points alright, so on the top right everyone you can see the leaderboards I currently have one thousand seven hundred and thirty points actually need. Around 2500 to even enter the leaderboards while Betty is freaking killing it here Betty you mad brother. Oh oh my oh he killed himself sorry i just spent their bet he killed himself look I see that a little Benny you're not so smart are ya, alright guys this uh this game is awesome know some of you guys might think jelly I really are. Just dead they're not really something of 2017 and to some extent I kind of agree with you but keep. In mind guys there might be good I Oh games coming up they actually go really, viral just like agario and slither did and I really really enjoy hexagon, or what was this super hexagon obviously the hexagons over here you know that's why it's called super axe not hacks like a hacker you know I'm not a hacker, but hex as in hexagons I'm so smart all. Right so like I said guys the main way to grow in this game is to kill and that's what we're going to do we're just going to keep on expanding.

Or hexagons I don't know is that. A thing and slowly we're gonna try and kill people because let's be honest here it's the best way to grow all right and stealing it's not too bad either Oh what's this. Guy oh hell love their guest 2795 18 are you doing guest who thing gets 2 5 7. 9 8 18 what are the end he seems like a nice guy, hey listen to me buddy you don't touch mine I don't touch yours all right that's our border, over there this is our own country now come on blonde yes come and get me oh yes stealing big time for me but listen to me guess. You're not gonna do this for our living all right I'm gonna kill you I'm gonna kill you big. Time I kind of need to bait them to be able to kill them and it's. Quite hard it's a lot harder than you think Oh guess you'll you're. A rock and roll and ain't ya oh oh my god I almost died Dec do I have him mom he's dead ah see i baited him there I almost died but i baited him and.

Then he had no way to return and that's the way how you play super tanks all. Right what's this guy doing over here listen to me Belva that is named Velma listen to me babble you think you're, smart well guess what I'm loyal you don't touch mine out of touch yours alright balbo does that seem, like a deal that does not seem like a deal Bell buzz going for me BAM see, you later Belva and ladies and gentlemen I am right now on the leaderboards, I am actually fifth place not doing too bad jelly not doing too bad we're just gonna keep. On going and let's try not to die oh okay almost had him almost had my was super close there, now guys I'm going to give you a little tutorial the best way to kill someone is to do it horizontally if you need to kill. Someone going up or down it's not good because of the aspect ratio.

Of this game you can see more to the left and right then up and down so if you're going up there's a bigger chance oops if you're going up there's a bigger. Chance that someone will kill you that's not, even on your screen but going left and right that's all right like Hannah rhymes all right third place on the leaderboard ladies can. I become first place that'd be nice all right I'm just gonna slowly take some of this guy and I'm gonna hopefully baked him whoa you. Almost had me there oh I love buddy oh you're playing a risky game that's for sure well listen, to me buddy I got a lot of points okay and you can do whatever you want but you can take my platform it's not. Gonna harm me, that much Oh God look at this guy oh oh they kill himself oh oh he baited me he baited me I got third place. I got third place that's pretty good for a first right you gotta be honest II that's pretty good we're gonna. Play this again guys um oh I was explaining you guys how you should not get dated and then I just got. Baited okay well I'm not too great okay i was lucky yeah aight i had a lucky start guys though i had. To close that one off there you go all right let's take some of this guy's platform oh come. On buddy come on buddy I'm gonna take your points I think I mean that's what I'm really going for oh ok he almost has me there, you go happy he almost has me jelly your English is getting worse. And worse day by day do these two guys have the same color over here is that happening cuz that's cheating I don't know who's, who oh we just died okay ya see that the same color alright so this is a risky this is a. Risky place because we got a little triangle going on over here we got three people all battling for, some space in the hexagon world oh all come on guys come and get me oh, I'm getting taken from the right I don't like that all right I'm just, sneekly gonna grab some of this guy's cuz uh oh I don't need that door about it all right. What's Joey doing over here listen to me Joey I might be able to kill you no I won't that was so freaking close hi.

Ali you're dead Oh Ali Ali the man thing there you go that. Was him no Adam all right thing I was my first kill so far okay I wasn't looking.

I was I was I was trying to read how many kills I had but yes doing great jelly so guys. Make sure you leave a like on the video and let me know what you think of hexagons do or what is it called again super heck star do i keep on forgetting it's such.

A. Strange name I do like it though I think it's super fun alright yes you're gonna kill me oh I know I have him oh come on Adam hey I dude oh we killed each other we just went head,, to head collision both died oh I just killed myself all right let's take some of those guys points it looks quite juicy to me oh oh he's coming for me got, him where is he where's he hiding hey guys how you doing I'm also a guest nice to meet you guess I'm actually a jelly so I don't. Kill me guess all right. We bite week big buddies jelly and guests are big buddies okay let's let's leave him alone oh he did oh oh no I almost Adam followed Adam, I keep on dying now it's not really fun what's, this guy doing over here hello what what the hell that's a glitch Oh what first we experienced a glitch and now we like I looked. On the leaderboard so it says jelly with 2200 points but that's obviously not me uh yeah what the actual hell so someone. Uses my name and there's a glitch both two weird things that kind of confused me all right slowly and slowly which is, gonna get bigger guys I really want to become first place I, think I can do this it's not too hard I just need to concentrate and do my back exactly all, right look at all these lines glitching out is anyone here can anybody kill me even am, I offline what happened I'm so confused all right I'm taking over this green guy space I don't know who he is or what he does. For a living but I listen to me I really couldn't be asked to, ask him hey I to the laughs I just died yeah it does say that the games and data I guess I have to give them. The doubt oh ok hi guys hahaha all right let's just go around the corner of the math wait is that someone that's not much hahaha, oh my god I killed him oh I'm gonna have to kill. This guy oh no I'm dead oh I all about it I almost started to get drunk I think the sugar in. My body my body is starting to turn into alcohol oh sorry. Dude i'm sorry/not sorry sorry kind of sorry but not really sorry like it's a bit of a mixed feeling ok ok oh yeah well guys super Hanks. Thought I always what a great game I keep on dying it's just fantastic okay we got to retreat Retreat retreat, I stopped playing so risky I mean stop playing service scam playing too risky here guys hey buddy how you doing pretty good myself hi what he, stole mine he stole my box I was going to use that to like close myself off a little bit. There but then he stole them okay guys I'm, sorry about this oh hello thanks three points that's quite nice I'm really sorry at the fact that I just suck her like a lot, of this game just really I'm, sorry I need to stop playing risky and be a normal super hex player and you know what we're going to do that right now we're going to do that we're going to get our points back i was, at 3,000 before i can do this oh ok yes I just died again ah does anybody, want to get my line, oh hey I can use that what what just happened guys you know I'm gonna do I'm gonna circle myself no one will be able to kill me wait did I. Just lock myself in I'm gonna have to go back Retreat retreat oh that it was too hard gonna have some of your space hello. Oh you just left thought I had a friend all right I've got a plan got a really good plan oh hello Jay. Can I kill you before you get there yes I can all right 800 points already and only a. Second or two in suite that's, pretty good all right I'm just gonna take over this land do you get double points for taking over someone's land do you get double points. Do you know you don't know makes me sad still going to take, over someones lines though I feel like I need to find him wherever he's hiding wherever you are way. Is someone stealing from me what are you doing buddy what are you guys I think I'm just going to leave it here super PACs audio sucks it's kind of cool but I just suck. At it that's why it sucks thanks for watching I'll catch, you next time not on super hex this next time all right bye-bye wait i forgot to do hoo-ha but i already stopped recording. My face cam I'll just do with my voice instead. you .