What’s up guys it’s empty 20 million today i am playing that new game out cold it’s a new dot io game if you know sliver dot io or that I got I got da I oh it’s 10 games. Basically I just had to close. The door because you know some effect is going on so yeah we’re basically gonna play this I just played it and I got killed so oh god it’s an advertisement because, i can write wrong what my name is FD 21 so.

Basically what this is about you just go oh god it’s lagging oh no come on come.

On you got this oh my god this is so not fair this is actually so not fair it’s lagging so bad and for example that’s how you can get, killed so you don’t want that happening so you that’s how you get points people can, still point you yeah thnkx a clear I want to get at least I want to be at.

Least 10 oh no oh no oh no yo what are you doing guess or gotti oh, he’s gonna kill me isn’t he oh my god I killed him back yard myself as well oh my god could someone cares about, the advertisement doesn’t day the most annoying is game that, is advil after advert after adver after an FIR oh my god oh my god I etiquette or molecule myself on your dad saw no fair it’s lacking the most lagging game, and how’re you I don’t know you know it’s not like and I’m gonna go far and then I’m gonna take some of yours can I make an., Awful get shoot please don’t kill me please like i was a good boy I was a very good boy if I make, this yep this blue one is fairly good at this game that’s why I’m gonna take a lot of this and I don’t want to get killed as well but I am. Damn it and look and, add that’s going to be in three two one told Jack that such a boarding kind of it as well right why are my pink know what. Just for once I’m gonna take a big risk what am i drawing me do bigs, please don’t kill myself please don’t say I’m gonna kill myself yes excuse me yuck only I killed him but I nearly got killed my oh god no hell no oh god say clay.

I’m so bad at this game Jesus cry. So please oh come on yeah yeah oh my god oh my god is slacking oh my god. No no no no no no no no turn turn please don’t do this to me what’s going on oh my god someone killed me as well under the advert.

Although it’s not an advert on blue my channel cooler come on bring us.

Look no come on come on yeah what the hell this is lagging so bad don’t play, this game is the most lagging this game ever my last Co laggy is Jesus Christ oh my god yeah i’m. Doing i’m done with this i hoped you liked the video please like subscribe and .