Lag Fix

So hi my name is Tony or the cape silver and today I'm going to be teaching you guys how to play super hex. That I own so first of all you in your browser you gotta search Super X do when you're on the screen it'll tell you, to go to use your name and my username is how to play because I'm going, to teach you guys how to play so you can click the play button sub testing that appears like that they're pretty annoying but you can skip some of them and they're pretty short so, she's gone, with the random color and you use your cursor to move your characters the point of the game is to fill up as much land and kill others.

And get on the leaderboard try to be the best like right now the first the person who first place is named Webbie and he has a score of, 5931 you can kill all their, players by touching their lines like that and you can kill yourself by touching your own line you can get on the same server with friends but right. Now the game is in beta so it, is not fully complete but it's still really fun right now I'm gonna just play to my highest try to get, a good game gameplay that is one of the best ways to kill your enemies is to attack the slide if you're going straight down and harder because they can just get you with a head-on collision and. You can die hopefully this person is going to be me considering his name is mean I. Hope he's really isn't that mean this video is most likely going to go up on.

My friend Daniel channel and if not I will make my own channel and it will be called, the Caped my channel is called to prefer you challenges, and for check them out subscribe to low great bad at it what you can get better support right now as you can see I'm number six on.

The leaderboards just went down right after me my friend daniel is going to make his own video posted on this channel so be sure to check that, out too it's another tutorial on how to play this foot yeah you can, check it out mine's probably gonna be better going in like Michael quiet just get a. Good score try to get number one if I can do that I'm sorry but I'm just not that good a game I'm number one I became number one. I'm number one of the leaderboard I did it my score is.

5085 and I have one point eight percent of the map recovered of which 1585 Blockheads seven kills I'm gonna try to maintain number one but i don't think, i can for long and when I die that'll be the.

End of the video so this guy I'm dead sorry guys end of the video .