We are number one welcome back everybody to a brand-new view today we are on a new dot io game this is super Hexter i oh so it kind of like splits to io with a mix of slither to, I oh I played one or two games I'm absolutely loving it I really. Wanted to show you guys I'm trying to only show you the best io games I must be. Sent like five to ten io game every single day that have come out and i only get hand, select a few and this is one to take my kind of taken my attention and i really like it so you'll notice it looks very. Much like splits in terms of you basically have. To trap tiles okay there's no boosting all you need to use is the map so it's really really simple you get given. A color you don't get to pick your color which is a lot of a shame I definitely think they should add things like power-ups and boosts, and maybe weapons i don't know i don't know there. Could be some cool things to add to the game if you know some cool things let me know down, below so that you can see that here's blow an enemy player we can either go in and start eating away his stuff or you can wait for him to make a move, and then potentially we could go in for the kill all. You need to do is cut their line or headbutt them, while you're in your own color so I'm gonna try and lure them in and pull that we go we taking. It down just like that so it's all about learning people in making sure that you can get to them before they, can get to you if you had by each other outside of your colors so if we like head. But someone now on my god the lag is real it's a little bit jumpy and this all died again for some reason the moment if you had, by each other outside of your colors you'll both die and it's very embarrassing you can also. Cut yourself you can cut your own kind of like line if you go over yourself oh my god I am jumping around like a, absolute kangaroo this is actually quite a tough bit we honestly orange tiny yellow but this guy's really yellow and we want to try and take his stuff. But I can't see him inside here it is a little bit jumpy this game so this, wouldn't be quite suffern look at his jumping around oh my god okay there we go. We're doing pretty well we're trying to jump into that top 10 that guest up there. Was just doing a straight line is that smart if it's much oh yeah actually told him so didn't see that he went around and killed himself right now okay so. This yellow guy is time to eat in two hours up. So I'm going to come over and just protect that stuff a little bit I'm just going to kind of. Push them away say that we we know your hair and we will. Be oh my god okay well I just like jump into his section so much ah shoot your mouth boom there we go let's take all of that that is glorious oh my god the. Like is real the lag is real I'm going to just follow him it's gonna follow. Him slightly okay he's kind of good oh no no no he's turned back around so we've got this like white. Guy down here as well joining in man Rick we're kind of coming onto a triple-threat right here here we go here we. Go here we go boom there we go yellow taken down let's go see. Whether this little white guys going you feel, here it's still here you still here okay this is it this is there oh my god don't press the right button on and press the right button just taking a little bit of that just. Take a little bit Oh boom what was. He doing what was he doing when number seven on the leaderboard this was time to get good this idea so it's really smooth when. It doesn't lag I mean the servers are a little bit overloaded at the moment when they. Don't like this game is really really smooth obviously it looks really nice as well the ways that it kind of blends it wait just a minute suicide yeah. Wait blend slimmer and split is really really smart. Oh look at that that is a killing off what a sport I think we might be a little bit better now oh god I got called killer don't you bet ah yeah alright. Killer goodbye killer damn we just like I don't know why some guys are. Just going straight line they're probably AFK and they just went for. It okay that's pretty that's a big amount we're doing pretty big amount here oh I don't I don't like the lag though, just a little bit too jittery come on go for the kill ya baby so you get points for killing. People as well which obviously help out but the main points really is getting the mat now you can try and create bridges or create roadways and, then try and fill them in like you're doing split and it works. Really well guy oh oh okay all right where are we where are we going here buddy where are we going you're going to.

You're going to attack are you gonna defend. A little bit try to lure them in yeah there we go it's all about luring people in as.

Soon as you have about four sense of security people like yeah I gotta go kill it and then you can go take them down all right. There we go fill this big gap here already number eight which is pretty nice now I'm looking up in the top left there to make sure, that guy can't get me in time which you can, let's get this blue guy Oh Jiki Jiki boom oh okay there we go goodbye my Freight oh my god that was so easy so we're all ready for let's, get into that top three okay I need to cut in here and you just. Got to make sure you don't go too crazy you take your swallow that's. Kind of the main thing about this is taking it slow and just doing I mean you could do nice big circles we're.

In the top three I am we go for that number one spot right now we are going for that number one spot all, right I'm going to I'm going to see if this guy's too far away oh we've got to get back we've got to get. Back there we go make like that we made a little bridge now that we can use that we can use to attack this guy, a little bit there we go nice nice. Nice okay if you've done well done well I'm trying to watch when this guy actually is because I can't currently see him I'm just caught there is is that killer guy, aha killer yet killed all my job I was so good with second, right now second place we will jet first I'm going to go slowly attack this green guy it's green guy's, pretty big he looks like a massive mass no we try to us affluent someone else is obviously just done really, well got a kill or something so who is this guy i'm not sure i'm gonna go in for i'm gonna just kind of their out. Oh my god I don't even know what happened right there did I, get that kill I think I got that killed how did I just get.

That I have no idea okay I literally haven't had this much fun on a diet game since like the first days of slither this is, actually a really really good game ok so I'm going to try what. I'm going to try and do is I'm going to try and go to the edge and see if there's like an edge of the map we've currently covered one-point-eight percent of the map just. Ourselves which is actually pretty good that guy just died and he was. Huge so that could be good for us now I'm going to do is I'm going to cut down left I'm going. To try and cut down and create like a big bridge for us here turn a wrap so the turning. Is it's not too great a guess I'm sorry guess but that is, all fine Tony we wear our number one yes that we don't we have got first place baby. That killed won it for us oh Jesus no oh I'm sorry buddy boom there we go to get 500 for each kill which is actually a lot.

To be bad it might even be worth going to be killed rather than going for the math I don't know if this guy is interested. By me okay here's just going to put up a. Little defensive defensive front here to see if this guy will, do it I want to cut back in there and feel basically this whole square go for it going for it oh wait I'm down here yeah oh look at that beautiful beautiful getting, over two percent of the mat I'm not sure what the most anyone ever has got I, wonder if it's like ten percent of the map or something but we are not.

Stopping we all know we cannot be stopped I want to get size 10 killstreak as well already on nine ok this guy here is dead there's no other question. About it you just got care so sometimes people try and commit suicide and accept and less, like you're about to kill them they're like you know what I'm just going to mitsuwa sighs I don't to give. This going my point it's really really annoying but there we go two points seven percent of the mat is ours and we're starting, to be contested by this guy over here foolish move my friend oh my, god he just got a rag I think you write themselves uncle. Like a little bit over there oh so people have been eating away at my mat now there's no map on this game yet which is really. Annoying because it means you can't track kind of if you're losing stuff elsewhere you have to watch your percentage and make sure your percentage doesn't.

Go down because they up here for example we're being eaten in two I didn't even realize that okay.

Keep your eye out for yellow keep your eye out for, in there is oh yeah that works so sick 8600 score people this is literally crazy we are pairing up on. This game okay there we go three-point-two percent of the map is ours it is all ours oh my god right, can I get him getting end up getting at them yeah yes just about we literally just about got it so close to ten thousands go. Off don't muck things up we can't look didn't even, see him that okay he's our next contender do we go for the killer or maths, I'm not sure so i think i think i'm going to go for him just I'm just gonna like sit around here a little bit gonna eat away his match just annoy him if I can at all, oh oh oh take it down yes there we go that's and we can I don't. Know if I got my kill or he killed himself I couldn't quite figure that I think I got the kill I won't force. Him girls which is pretty crazy, still busy this is bro that was way too risky with so close to 10,000 school let's just, get that 10,000 score no this guy up here is eating away at us ok I'm going to I'm gonna go, for this guy I'm going to go for this guy I've got to go friend ah don't you where you going pal where are you going where are you going, or if he's doing nervous stuff. I'm not sure oh ok I'm going this way yes Regina Barbra Cabana oh my god is love probably how did he just get me are you serious three-point-five percent 10,000 score for pto, that is so good for let's go thank you guys so. Much for watching this two pegs with you if you want to see more of this, let me know comment down below smash the like button if you play it don't forget to use the mg clan tag the two links on my friends thank.

You watching peace out [Applause] .